Product designer stoked and ready to tackle your gnarliest problems.
Hello! I’m a product designer with over 10 years of experience working on technology teams. I specialize in user experience & interface design for native mobile and responsive web apps. When I’m not working you can find me running, hiking, and rooting for the Philadelphia 76ers.
Case Studies
The Athletic
The Game Experience
I worked on native mobile and web experiences to track games and standings. I created a modular system of reusable components that efficiently accommodated all sports, while still providing room for each sport's unique qualities.
Responsive web, native mobile, UX, design systems
The Athletic
World Cup Match Center
I led design on a web experience for following the World Cup through live editorial updates and live game statistics. By bringing together journalism, statistics, and data visualizations, I aimed to create a compelling space where we could land sponsorship deals from potential partners.
Responsive web, UX, data visualization
The Athletic
Sports Moments
Through new features, design patterns, and visual treatments, I created concepts that exemplified how The Athletic could be the best at covering high-traffic sports "moments" like the NBA Playoffs or Superbowl. As a result of this work, sports moments became a part of the roadmap for 2022.
Native mobile, vision work
The Athletic
Live Rooms
I created an MVP of a live social audio experience for native mobile. Moderated and hosted by our newsroom, Live Rooms are a way for fans to connect directly with their favorite sports reporters.
Native mobile, UX, social
Zeus Living
Zeus for Business
I designed a portal for businesses to manage the homes that they rent from Zeus. This project was a zero to one project that involved everything from pitching the idea to our co-founders to talking to early-stage customers to designing the MVP.
Responsive web, UX, user research, strategy, B2B
Zeus Living
Zeus Design System
As a part of a broader rebrand, I created a design system for our website that established a solid foundation for our design and engineering teams. I defined type styles, colors, buttons, form elements, and grid systems that we used as the base for all our marketing and product sites.
Visual design, design system
Additional Work Samples