Hi I’m Salil
About Me
I'm a seasoned product designer focused on UX and growth, at Zeus Living where I'm helping create a new way of renting a home. Before that, I worked at Scribd where I helped create one of the best digital reading experiences for web and mobile.

Before that, I worked as a mobile engineer making native iOS and Android apps for about 4 years. Although I now work as a product designer, I still love coding and use those technical chops almost every day. I'm passionate about creating and software is my playground to explore my curiosities.
Companies I've worked at
2014 - 2018
2013 - 2014
2012 - 2013
2011 - 2012
Projects I've also made
Photos I've taken
Why I got into Product Design
When I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor. I wanted the ability to manifest new things into the world. When I started working, I learned that I loved understanding users and helping businesses grow. I never imagined that there was a career path called design until my twenties. When I discovered it, I was in love.

Design feels like the intersection of many of things I enjoy most: creativity, problem solving, understanding people, collaboration, and seeing new ideas come to life.
But should designers code?
I know so many amazing designers who know zilch about how to code. That said, I still love to code! It's an itch I continue to scratch almost every day outside of my job as a designer.
What I do outside of work
When I'm away from my keyboard you can find me enjoying a game of basketball, reading in a park, hiking in nature, running down the Embarcadero, or cooking up a storm in my kitchen.
Can I contact you?
Yes, absolutely! I love making new friends. Send me an email me at salilmalkan@gmail.com. You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.